Volunteer for us!

We are really pleased to launch our volunteering programme today!

Snapping the Stiletto’ will only work if we can create a community of people to support the project and its partner museums. We are encouraging all of our partners to look at their collections for new stories but their existing staff and volunteer teams only have so much time and have museums to run. I’m always fascinated by how many objects, photographs and documents museums have to carefully store (what you see when you visit is only ever a small percentage of what a museum has to care for) and we need to find ways to help them look at what they have.

We are excited to be using Volunteer Makers to create a team of volunteers to help the project. There will be lots of different challenges posted on the site http://snappingthestiletto.volunteermakers.org/ from all of the partner museums across Essex.

The Volunteer Makers approach looks at volunteering in a slightly different way and encourages people to help out in a range of ways from micro-volunteering- where you can sign up to follow social media accounts and retweet key messages to your followers- to offering regular help where you spend time at a museum and help them to research their collections and uncover new stories.

We have some training challenges on offer so, for example,  if you think you’d like to help us by researching stories at the Essex Record Office but aren’t sure how to go about this you can sign up here to come along to a session and find out more


More challenges will be added to the site so do keep an eye on it. At the moment we are focusing on discovering stories so a lot of the challenges are linked to research but later in the year we’ll be looking for people to help with events, designing displays and posters, helping with touring exhibitions and visiting and reviewing these events.

We want to find ways for you to get involved so if you have an idea for a volunteering challenge that would help to uncover and tell stories of strong Essex woman from the last 100 years please get in touch and we’ll see if we can come up with something.

So if you want to support a project celebrating strong Essex Women but don’t have much time check out the challenges under in  ‘Just a Minute’ and an ‘Hour or Two’ – you don’t even need to leave your house for some of these. If you have time and think you’d like to get more involved and maybe spend time at a museum then look for ‘Give a Day’ and ‘Regular help’.

You can find out more about Volunteer Makers and their approach and platform here http://volunteermakers.org/


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