davBecky Wash will be running a Protest Rosette making drop-in activity between 12:30 and 14:00 in the Film and Media Room.


We are also offering 5 free but bookable workshops in the Craftivism Room. These are:


10:30-11:30               Then and Now Collaged Postcards

Led by Wivenhoe-based artist Alison Stockmarr, this activity will use suffragette imagery, amalgamating them with contemporary images of women to explore how women’s lives have changed during the last century, the role of feminism in modern life and the expectations placed on women by society.


11:30-12:30               Body Image: Past, Present and Future

This workshop explores how the relationship between health and beauty has changed over time, reaching us through the media we consume. Participants will be invited to think about body image historically, examining how 1960s women’s magazines and present-day social media represent our bodies and our insecurities, before creating their own collages of healthy bodies for the future with the Body, Self and Family project from the University of Essex.


12.30-13.30               Dangerous Pockets

“Someone clever once said women were not allowed pockets in case they carried leaflets to spread sedition”

Inspired by the poem “Dangerous Coats” by Sharon Owens, local artist Paula MacGregor is leading a community art collaboration where people make their own “dangerous pockets” from upcycled materials.


13.30-14.30               Free the Nipple

Make your own bespoke nipple brooch to wear/take home with you at the end of the day. The Colchester Stitch and Bitch team will be on hand to guide you through and can provide support for those who are new to sewing. The workshop aims to normalise nipples as a body part, highlighting the point that on Instagram/Facebook and in wider society, female nipples are censored where male nipples are not. The Nipple Brooches will invite discussion around this inequality, differing standards towards toplessness, the sexualisation and objectification of women’s bodies, and body positivity


14.30-15.30               Seeing Red: Periods, Poverty & Protest

This workshop will draw on the history of women’s experiences of periods in Essex to think about why period poverty remains an issue today. Participants will be invited to look at a range of historical sources, including oral history interviews and magazine advertisements, to inspire them to create posters calling for an end to period poverty.


Attendees have been emailed details of how to sign up for these workshops in advance. If you have booked tickets but not received this information, please contact

If you have not been able to book tickets for our Festival on Saturday 9th March 2019 but am interested in attending, please do sign up to the waiting list. We have already been able to release several tickets to the list and expect to do so again before the event.


Don’t forget that we’ll be collecting donations of sanitary products for The Red Box Project and beauty and hygiene products for Beauty Banks at the event.