Key Stage 2

Please refer to the Case Studies section for more details about some of the women mentioned in these activities. Images can also be found in the photo library.

Campaigning women

These lessons will give pupils a better understanding of how to get their voices heard and a greater understanding of the methods used by women campaigning for suffrage

Campaigning women teachers’ notes

Lesson Plan 1 Campaigning women 1&2

Lesson Plan 2 Campaigning women 1&2

Campaigning women


Resources and lessons looking at the rights and responsibilities of citizens and how women fought for the right to vote

Lesson Plan citizenship 1-the Vote

Lesson Plan citizenship 2-the Vote

Rights and responsibilities priority exercise

Laws that affect women prioritise exercise

Citizenship1 the vote

Citizenship 2

Family values

What makes a home?

Lesson Plan family values 1

What I would take with me

Family values

Persuasive Writing

Writing for a cause

Persuasive writing teachers’ notes

Lesson Plan 1 Persuasive writing

persuasive writing

Women at work

This lesson will give pupils a better understanding of stereotypes and how they affect their lives and allow them to considered the changing role of women in society.

Lesson Plan working women 1-smashing the stereotypes 1

women at work